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MLK Drum Major for Justice Scholars Program


Exploring Christ and Culture

Welcome to the Exploring Christ and Culture unit. This unit explores the various ways that Christianity and relate to its wider, surrounding culture. Since the publication of a now-famous book (Links to an external site.) by H. Richard Niebuhr, it has become common to talk about this relationship using the shorthand phrase, "Christ and culture."


This unit provides a summary of Niebuhr's basic thesis and several responses to it. It also provides tools for understanding your own particular church context and the complex ways it interacts with the surrounding culture. After you have worked through the learning resources for this unit, you will be able to: analyze the different ways that Christianity can relate to culture. 


This unit consists of:

  • Readings

  • Videos

  • A case study activity


It should take you approximately eight hours to complete the learning activities for this unit.

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