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Course Offerings

Online and Self-Paced


Drum Major for Justice

Drum Major for Justice is a certificate program in public theology. The purpose of Drum Major for Justice is to equip pastors, laypeople, activists, and others to find their voice, collaborate with others, and engage the Church’s theology and practice in arenas beyond its four walls in pursuit of justice and societal transformation. 


Core I - Black Church USA, The Costen Thought

The strength of this introductory course is that we will define leadership in worship using cultural, liturgical, biblical foundations, and denominational distinctions, to familiarize ourselves with the rich heritage of the Black Church USA and the African American experience amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and future disturbances to come.


Awakening to Structural Racism - Individuals

Who is the Justice Foundations Series for? This series is a theological primer on justice in our world today.


Many who choose to sign up for one or more of our JFS Foundations do so to become more effective as allies, activists, and leaders in the justice concerns in their community.

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