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Conversation Tables

“If racism is the opposite of what God intended for humanity, then the work of repair—which includes Reparations— must become a more intentional part of the way forward.” - Paul Roberts, JCSTS President

Help leverage the moral authority of the Black Church in fostering public interest in repairing the historic breach of racial discrimination in the U.S. The current landscape of economic inequity across racial groups remains unabated in U.S. culture. However, there does appear to be political will at various state and national levels for reparations planning, and history shows a robust truth and reconciliation planning process can lead to sustained change.


Time Period: 12-months 



  • Reparations Coordinating Committee established.

  • Convene conversations that understand the interest and capacity of diverse organizations in developing sustainable approaches to Reparations.

  • Invite African American leaders representing HBCU’s, churches, seminaries, organizations, and allies, to engage in this process. 

  • Specific topics deemed critical to these conversations are effective advocacy, scalability of various approaches, best practices, and funding.


Conversations during the project will be convened both in person and digitally.  Locations selected will represent the regional and geographic diversity in which reparations initiatives are ongoing.  

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The Princeton Reparations Conversation

The conversations seek to answer a variety of questions to understand the link between reparations work and faith, as well as discussing strategies to push the movement forward.


Planning Grants
JCSTS has been awarded grants totaling $90,000.00 by some of our nation’s most prominent trusts including the Ford Foundation and the Henry Luce Foundation. 


Contact Us
For information on the Reparations Planning Project, please contact our team at or click to email below.

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