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MLK Drum Major for Justice Scholars Program


Christ and Culture in Scripture and the World

In this video, the Anglican Bishop Nazir Ali provides an overview of the positive and negative ways in which Christ can relate to culture. He does so citing a number of examples from the writers of the New Testament and other early Christian authors. He also engages Niebuhr’s book at around 20 minutes into the video.


Pay particular attention to what he says about the role of testimonia (or proof texts in the New Testament) and the presentation of Paul in the Book of Acts.


As you watch, considering the following questions:

  • How is Paul presented in Acts as validating the role of non-Jewish, non-Christian culture?

  • How does Bishop Ali describe the five paradigms of Christ and culture in Niebuhr’s understanding?

  • According to Bishop Ali, how has the relationship of Christ to culture been both positive and negative in African culture?

  • What does Bishop Ali mean by the “translatability” of the Gospel, and how does this relate to culture?

*** Estimated time to complete learning activity: 82 minutes (including time to pause & take notes) ***

joshua-eckstein-frsN89Tf-1Q-unsplash (1)
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