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The State of Music In The Black Church

21st Century Perspectives: A Virtual Symposium

This Powerful 3-day Costen Institute event takes place February 20-23! Join the virtual conversation! 

A three (3) day conversation intended to establish The Costen Institute Branded Perspective on the value of Traditional Music in Black Church Worship.  We will assess the current state of Black Church Music priorities that have fueled the drift from that value system, as well as provide informational resources to the gathered community in matters of Worship Leadership and Preparation. 


The Symposium is designed to serve as a lightning rod for those inspired by this subject of conversation, with the intentions of fostering Cohort Relationships and Worship Resource Networks with and among those who gather.

Symposium Schedule

CONVERSATION 1: Defining & Framing            


Presenters: Ouida Harding, Warren Cooper & Keri Strother

CONVERSATION 2:  Framing & Naming

MUSIC & WORSHIP: GENRE & LITURGY                                                   

Presenters: Adrienne Hardy & Richard Clemmons  

CONVERSATION 3: Naming & Proclaiming

LEADERSHIP & PREPARATION                                                          

Presenters: Scott Cumberbatch & Patrick Alston

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee for the three (3) day Symposium is $125.00. This includes access to the Full Set of Session Recordings.


Click below to be notified about 2023 registration.

Image: “The Sugar Shack” (1976) by Ernie Barnes

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