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Online and Self-Paced


Civil Initiative and the
Engaged Church

At the end of this course, participants will have a basic understanding of the principles of Civil Initiative, which were developed by Jim Corbett during the 1980’s to support churches that were engaged in providing safe haven to Central American refugees who were fleeing U.S. supported military repression and death squad activity in their countries. Participants will develop a basic framework to understand effective responses to state-sanctioned violence and economically entrenched oppression in their own contexts in our current moment. 


Preaching and Social Change

Explore the role of the preacher in addressing the moral challenges related to contemporary social issues and conflicts.


In order for preaching to be a catalyst for social change, it must be crafted and delivered in a way that promotes active response on the part of its hearers. To help preachers achieve this result, this competency guides students in a structured engagement with both homiletical methods and ethical inquiry. Be the change.

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Matthew 25 Curriculum

At the invitation of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, Stony Point Center and Johnson C Smith Seminary have partnered to develop the Matthew 25 Curriculum.


The curriculum will offer both on-line and in-person learning opportunities for Presbyterians who desire to develop skills and build capacity to nurture vital congregations, dismantle structural racism, and work to end systemic poverty.


Small Church Clusters

For close to 20 years, smaller membership Presbyterian (PCUSA) have been making a sizable missions impact, both locally and abroad. Their impact has less to do with financial resources or numerical size, and more to do with the linkages they've developed.


This course explores those connections and provides a model for developing and maintaining your small church cluster.


Christian Civic Engagement

People of faith need to be clear that even our silence and/or indifference on social matters has political implications--particularly in times like these.


The purpose of this mini-course is to help faithful people develop a theology and practice of civic engagement. This course is based on the idea that Christians must be equipped theologically to exercise their responsibility for the public good in this moment. Register for this course today and learn what Christian civic engagement can look like for you. It's time.


Drum Major for Justice

Drum Major for Justice is a certificate program in public theology. The purpose of Drum Major for Justice is to equip pastors, laypeople, activists, and others to find their voice, collaborate with others, and engage the Church’s theology and practice in arenas beyond its four walls in pursuit of justice and societal transformation. 


Move beyond the four walls of church and exercise your faith by engaging the societal issues of our day.

Mini Courses

Maximum Impact


Faith & 21st Century Communication

To convey Christ's message effectively, scholars and theologians agree it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the relationship between media & culture.

Living in a
Post-Christendom World

Christianity in America is at something of a kairos moment. Old models of doing (and being) the church are being replaced with new ones. Are we doing it right?


The Study of Christ
and Culture

Become equipped to analyze and interpret your own church context and the complex ways it may be interacting with the surrounding culture. #CultureMatters.

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